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2017-2018 Groundwater Charge-Setting Process: Agricultural Water

Ag Water graphicHow does the water district support agriculture?
Agriculture brings jobs and dollars to the valley and provides the public with large areas of open space and access to locally-produced agricultural products. The water district’s actions to replenish the groundwater basin ensure that farmers have a reliable, stable water supply.

Our long-standing policy of including an open-space credit in the agricultural water rate structure provides local farmers with one of the lowest rates in California.

District programs and services that help improve irrigation efficiency include: 

  • Funding for Santa Clara County Farm Bureau’s Irrigation Efficiency Program
  • Maintaining a system of weather stations to provide growers with irrigation scheduling data to reduce water use
  • Hosting a web page that provides reference crop water use data to help growers  more efficiently irrigate crops
  • Providing two website calculators to assist growers in using California Irrigation
  • Managing (CIMIS) data to calculate crop irrigation requirements
  • Conducting presentations to growers on irrigation scheduling and efficiency

How will rates change?
The district is proposing Agricultural water rate increases for FY 2017/2018 as follows:

  • Up to 6.4% rate change
  • Current 2016/2017 charges: $23.59/acre-foot
  • Proposed maximum 2017/18 charges: $25.09/acre-foot


e-mail smallIf you have questions or concerns about groundwater or this year’s charge-setting process, please join us at an upcoming open house or public hearing. You may also contact Jessica Vasquez at (408) 630-2985, or Darin Taylor at (408) 630-3068.