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Board Per Diem Meeting Compensation

Santa Clara Valley Water District Board members (Board members) are eligible for per diem meeting compensation in accordance with California Water Code § 20200 (subject to statutory 10 days per month) for meetings, events and activities outlined in Board Governance Policy GP-10.6.1. The current per diem meeting compensation amount was adopted by the Board on November 24, 2015 in  Ordinance No. 15-01, providing for a 5% increase in compensation of Directors of Santa Clara Valley Water District pursuant to Chapter 2, Division 10, California Water Code. 

Board members are eligible for the following reimbursements:

  • Reasonably incurred actual and necessary expenses as outlined in GP-10.6.2 and connected with per diem meetings, events and activities described in GP-10.6.1.
  • Business-related expenses as outlined in GP-10.7.
  • Other specific expenses as outlined in GP-10.8, up to the amount identified in Board Resolution No. 11-78 Setting Annual Limit of Reimbursement of Directors’ Annual and Necessary Expenses.

Individual compensation reports can be viewed on the Board members' web pages.