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Goods And Services

The Purchasing Unit provides centralized procurement services on behalf of all District operating units. Centralized purchasing standardizes bidding and evaluation procedures, provides consistency in dealing with suppliers, and ensures an open, fair and competitive procurement process. No other unit is authorized to enter into a contract or issue purchase orders for the procurement of goods or general services. The Purchasing Unit also manages the procurement of consulting services up to $5,000.

There are numerous Goods and Services used by the District. Please click the link for further information.

The District uses the following methods to obtain goods and services:

  • Credit Cards
  • Up to $25,000 – Discretionary solicitations
  • Between $25,001 and $50,000 – Informal Quotations (Fax quote)
  • Above $50,001 – Formal Invitations to Bid
  • Request for Proposals

The Guide to Doing Business with the District provides information about the District’s procurement methods, policies, and procedures and the Small Business Enterprises Program webpage and guide provide information on how small businesses can participate in the District’s opportunities.

The District's main telephone number is 408-265-2607. Please use the extension numbers below to contact staff. Further contact information for individual staff is available at Contact Us link.

For Goods, Services (general), and Public Works construction (less than $25,000) x2888
For Consulting Services (professional and non-professional) x2992
For Public Works Construction (above $25,000) x3088