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High-Efficiency Toilet Information

 High-efficiency toilet information
Does the District offer toilet-replacement programs?
Yes, the District offers a free high-efficiency toilet and urinal flush-valve installation program for apartments, businesses, and schools. More information about this direct installation program, click here. To help you upgrade to a more efficient toilet, please take a moment to review the resources provided below. 

What do I need to know before I purchase an efficient toilet? [PDF]

What are the most efficient toilets on the market?
Premium HETs use 1.1 gallons per flush or less and flush effectively (that is, no double-flushing is required in standardized conditions) and can be found at select retailers [XLSX] and online (Premium HETs may be found at additional retailers since this list was created).

A list of specific Premium HET models sold in California can be downloaded here [PDF or XLS] as well as by using the search feature at Maximum Performance Testing by selecting for “MaP PREMIUM Rated” toilets. Maximum Performance provides additional resources and assistance to help you enter the criteria and features that YOU are looking for in a new toilet before going to the store.

What can I do with my old toilet? [PDF]

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