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Landscape Survey Program

Conservation for your landscape
Who is eligible to participate?
All commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) sites as well as multi-family complexes in Santa Clara County with a minimum of ½ acre of irrigated landscape or more and/or 1,000 CCF of annual irrigation water usage may be eligible for a complimentary landscape field survey. 

How do you schedule a landscape field survey?
Surveys are available Monday through Friday for CII and multi-family sites that meet the minimum requirements. To request a landscape field survey, please click here to submit an online landscape field survey request or call this program’s manager at (408) 630-2684.

An authorized representative for the site will be required to agree to the program's participation agreement and once the request is submitted, district staff and its contractor, Waterfluence, will work with the site’s water retailer in order to obtain water usage records for the previous two years.

What are the components of a landscape field survey?

  • System Check
    A professional irrigation surveyor will evaluate the water delivery system and point out inefficiencies that can add up to significant water losses. For example to identify potential efficiency improvements, irrigation pressure checks or catch can tests may be conducted to help the site manager understand system performance and lead to more efficient irrigation equipment as well as more efficient irrigation scheduling strategies.

  • Site Specific Recommendations and Irrigation Budget
    Surveyors provide recommendations for improving system efficiency such as upgrading irrigation hardware and/or providing the site with a calculated irrigation budget based on climate, irrigation system components, and vegetation.

  • Landscape Field Survey Report
    The site’s property manager/owner will receive a landscape field survey report that evaluates the existing irrigation system and landscape water management. The report also includes a summary of the irrigation system check and irrigation efficiency improvement recommendations. A calculated irrigation budget may also be provided.

  • Qualifying for the Landscape Rebate Program
    Although not a pre-requisite for the Landscape Rebate Program, sites that complete a landscape field survey may be eligible to apply for rebates through the Landscape Rebate Program. Sites can also pre-qualify for the Landscape Rebate Program without a landscape survey by contacting the Water Conservation Hotline for more information: (408) 630-2554. The Landscape Rebate Program provides rebates for replacing qualifying high water using landscape with qualifying low water using plants and for upgrading to high efficiency irrigation equipment including:

    • Drip Irrigation

    • High Efficiency Nozzles

    • Rotary Sprinklers with Pressure Regulation and/or Check Valves

    • Weather Based Irrigation Controllers

    • Rain Sensors

    • Dedicated Landscape Meters, Flow Sensors and Hydrometers

How long is the program offered?
Landscape field surveys are available until funds are depleted.

QUESTIONS? Call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554 or email us at