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Coyote Creek Flood Protection (Planning Study Phase)

Brief description:

Planning study goals:

  • Provide protection to the surrounding area from the one-percent flood event on Coyote Creek
  • Mitigate for all project impacts to stream habitat value and fisheries
  • Identify stream habitat enhancement and/or restoration opportunities
  • Identify opportunities to improve stream water quality within the project limits
  • Minimize the need for future operations and maintenance activities and create a self sustaining system within the completed project limits
  • Obtain community support.

The Coyote Creek Protection Project (Planning Study Phase)  is located in the central portion of the Coyote Watershed. Its limits extend approximately 6.1 miles between Montague Expressway and I-280, all in the city of San Jose. This project is part of the Clean, Safe Creeks Program approved by the voters in November 2000. The funding from the Clean, Safe Creeks Program will cover the creation of a planning study for all reaches (shown on the project map) and construction for Reaches 4 and 5 (and possibly as far as reach 8).  The primary objective of a future project envisioned for the downtown area is to enhance the creek's conveyance to protect homes, schools, businesses, and highways from the 100-year flood event. Additionally, the project will improve fisheries and habitat values and provide public access opportunities in cooperation with the City of San José.

The project team estimates the cost for each of the conceptual alternatives presented to the community at previous meetings would be more than $500 million. The project’s major funding source, the voter approved Clean, Safe Creeks Plan allocates $30 million. Given these cost constraints, the planning process will move forward with an emphasis on performing some construction work in project reaches from Montague Expressway (Reach 4) upstream to Berryessa Road (Reach 8, near the flea market).  A Programmatic Environmental Impact Report, similar to a master plan, will be prepared to address the entire Coyote Creek Flood Protection Project area.  In a separate effort, the planning team for the Coyote Flood Protection Project will partner with the District’s Water Utility Division to undertake a study for the alternatives at Anderson Reservoir and the upper watershed. The recent storage restrictions imposed at Anderson Reservoir for earthquake safety will require a separate study to address a future project that will also address the future water storage and water supply operations at this reservoir.

Project contact:
For more information on this project, contact Engineering Unit Manager Afshin Rouhani, at (408) 630-2616 or by email at 

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Project study area:

web map - Coyote 5/10

The planning study area covers reaches 4 though 14 on Coyote Creek.