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Stevens Creek Dam and Reservoir

Stevens Creek Reservoir is located on Stevens Creek about two miles southwest of Cupertino. Stevens Creek was originally known as Arroyo de San José Cupertino. The stream now bears the name of an early settler, Captain Elishia Stephens, a South Carolinian, who led the first successful passage of wagons over the Sierra Nevada in 1844. Stevens Creek dam and reservoir is one of six original systems approved for construction by voters in 1934. It was completed in 1935. In 1985, an additional 231,000 cubic yards of material was added to the dam, raising it 10 feet. The reservoir capacity is 3,138 acre-feet of water. Its surface area is 92 acres.*Stevens Creek Reservoir

Innundation Maps
FIM Index Sheet (1994)
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Final SSE2A Reports (January 2013)


*Reservoir storage values have been updated to reflect recent survey results.