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Environmental Enhancement Grants

Environmental Enhancement Planning Grant

The Environmental Enhancement Planning Grant was established to assist proponents of restoration and enhancement projects with the early phases of those projects and to increase project readiness to apply for Environmental Enhancement Implementation Grant funds. Project proponents in search of grant funding often find that funding for initial project startup is lacking; this is where the district would like to provide assistance for habitat restoration and enhancement projects. The first Enhancement Planning Grant cycle was held in 2010; additional planning grant cycles are not anticipated at this time.

Environmental Enhancement Implementation Grant

The Environmental Enhancement Implementation Grant was established to solicit project proposals for activities consistent with the goals and objectives of Outcome 3.2 of the Clean Safe Creeks program. Implementation grants are primarily geared toward supplying funding for the construction and implementation of projects focused on the creation and restoration of riparian and tidal habitat, with additional objectives such as protection for endangered species, removal of fish migration barriers/installation of fish ladders, removal of non-native, invasive plants, and revegetation of native plant species. Enhancement Implementation Grant cycles were held in 2005 and 2011.

Environmental Enhancement Grant Program Update

Currently there is no open grant cycle for environmental enhancement projects. Should the District Board approve additional grant cycles, this page will be updated.

Historical Information on Environmental Enhancement Grant Program