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With summer around the corner, water district resumes conservation campaign

Contact: Susan Siravo
Office: (408) 265-2607, ext. 2290
Mobile: (408) 398-0754

Date: May 7, 2010

SAN JOSE, CA –With summer—the peak water-usage season—right around the corner, the Santa Clara Valley Water District has resumed its water conservation campaign to remind the community that we need to continue to save 20 gallons every day.

“Although our local water supplies improved this year because of a wet rainy season and the community’s conservation efforts, uncertainty continues to plague our imported water deliveries from the Sierra Nevada, which meet half of Santa Clara County’s water demand,” said Richard Santos, chairman of the water district board of directors.

“Moreover, in a semi-arid region like California, water conservation needs to become a way of life and not just something we think about only in times of drought. To help achieve the goal of continued reliable supply of quality water today and in the future, it is important that we use water wisely every single day,” said Director Santos.

This year’s campaign builds on the successful 2009 “Save 20 gallons” campaign, which recently won the California Association of Public Information Officials’ Excellence in Marketing and Communications Award.

The campaign, developed in partnership with water retailers and cities, includes TV, radio, newspaper, billboard and online advertisements. To reach our diverse population, ads are in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese languages. The ads can be viewed at

The campaign was designed to make water conservation relatable to people’s lives and provides specific and easy to accomplish tips for water conservation. While the ads convey important water conservation messages and tips, they do so in a way that entertains and engages the viewer.

In addition to behavioral change, the campaign promotes participation in the district’s conservation programs, which is key to achieving the district’s long-term water supply reliability goals and the California state mandated long-term goals of reducing per-capita urban water use by 20 percent by the year 2020. The new conservation law was put in place in November 2009, when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the historic water conservation bill, S.B. 7, at the district campus in San Jose.

Among the programs being promoted by the campaign are:

  • Water-Wise House Call Program: A free program where a surveyor will come to your home and offer suggestions on how to use water more efficiently both inside and outside your home.
  • Clothes Washer Rebate Program: Offers residents a rebate of $175 for the purchase and installation of a qualifying new high-efficiency clothes washer.
  • High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program: Offers Santa Clara County residents a rebate of up to $125 for replacing toilets that use 3.5 gallons per flush or greater.
  • Landscape Rebate Program: Offers homeowners and businesses rebates to turn their approved high-water using landscape to beautiful water-efficient landscape that saves water and money.

To take advantage of any of these programs and rebates, call 408.265.2607, ext. 2554, or visit our website