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June 25, 2009 Abandoned Boat Summit Meeting

On June, 25, 2009, the Santa Clara Valley Water District hosted a summit meeting on abandoned boats with the stated goals to:

  1. Improve enforcement and removal operations under existing laws by sharing knowledge and fostering cooperation.
  2. Identify potential local and state legislative opportunities to empower action on a broader scope of abandoned and derelict vessels.

- Summit Introduction [PDF]

- Environmental Impacts [PDF]

- Citizen Action - (Unavailable)

- Navigational Hazards [PDF]

- Private Harbors & Marinas [PDF]

- Commercial Vessels (mp3)

- Sheriff Marine Patrol [PDF]

- CA State Funding and Regulation

- CA State Pending Legislation [PDF]

- Panel Discussions Introduction (mp3 file1, mp3 file2)

- Enforcement and Removal Panel Discussion (mp3)

- Legislation and Regulation Panel Discussion - (Unavailable)

- Summit Summary & Next Steps (mp3)