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West Little Llagas Creek Trail Dedication Ceremony

On June 9, the community of Morgan Hill came together to celebrate the West Little Llagas Creek Bike and Walking Trail grand opening. The trail, which is a loop trail from LaCrosse Drive to Watsonville Road and includes the bridge over West Little Llagas Creek, is a part of the 2.5 – mile West Little Llagas Creek Trail.

While the trail was jointly funded by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and the city of Morgan Hill, with assistance from state and federal grants, the land was originally a district maintenance road located on district property. The city of Morgan Hill entered into a Joint Use Agreement with the water district to allow public use of the land. This agreement not only provided savings to the city by not having to purchase separate land, it also benefitted the community, which now has increased alternative transportation corridors and recreational opportunities.

While not a direct recipient of a Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection Program grant, the West Little Llagas Creek Trail was completed in partnership with the city and so gains credit toward the district’s trail and open space goal set by the program.

To complete this six-month project, the city of Morgan Hill, VTA, the Bay Area Quality Management District, Caltrans, and the water district worked closely together.

Water District Board Member Rosemary Kamei was one of the speakers at the trail dedication