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Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebates

Conservation for you landscapeImportant Program Update

On July 1, 2016, the Santa Clara Valley Water District reinstated the Landscape Rebate Program and is now accepting new applications. Sites wishing to participate in the rebate program must complete a pre-inspection and submit an application for approval before beginning any work on their project.

  • Single family and multi-family sites should call (800) 548-1882 to schedule a pre-inspection through our Water Wise House Call Program, unless they are a customer of San Jose Water Company.

  • San Jose Water Company customers should call (408) 630-2554 to schedule a pre-inspection.

  • All non-residential sites should call (408) 630-2554 to schedule a pre-inspection.

  • If you have already completed a pre-inspection and have not received an application for the current Landscape Rebate Program, please call (408) 630-2554 to request an application packet.

Please Note: 

Sites that have been denied participation in the Landscape Rebate Program for not meeting the initial program eligibility requirements will not be allowed to re-apply for the rebate within three (3) years of the initial pre-inspection or denial date, whichever is the latter.

Santa Clara County single family, multi-family properties, and business properties with qualifying irrigation hardware can receive rebates for the installation of high efficiency irrigation equipment. The table below describes qualifying hardware and the rebate amounts available.

All applications issued a Notice to Proceed on or after July 1, 2016 will be held to a total rebate cap (for both the Landscape Conversion Rebate and the Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate combined) of $2,000 for Single Family and Multi-family (4 or fewer units) and a $20,000 for all Commercial sites and Multi-family (5 or more units). The caps include both the Landscape Conversion Rebate and the Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate.

Rebate amounts starting on July 1, 2016:

Qualifying Irrigation Hardware and Rebate Amounts

In-line Drip Irrigation (see below for requirements)

$0.25 per square foot

High-Efficiency Nozzles

Up to $5 per nozzle

Rotor Sprinklers or Spray Bodies with Pressure Regulation and/or Check Valves

Up to $20 per body

Rain Sensor

Up to $50 per sensor

Dedicated Landscape Meter, Flow Sensor*, Hydrometer*

Up to $1,000 per meter

Weather Based Irrigation Controller, 1-12 Stations**

Up to $300 per controller

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller, 13-24 Stations**

Up to $1,000 per controller

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller, 25 Stations Or Greater**

Up to $2,000 per controller


Rebate amounts listed reflect a temporary increase due to current drought conditions and are subject to change. Projects must be completed within 90 days of Notice to Proceed date.

*Must be installed with a compatible irrigation controller to qualify. See manufacturer's specifications.

**Must be on SCVWD Qualifying WBIC List and controllers must be installed with a rain sensor unless otherwise noted.

To view the SCVWD Qualifying High-Efficiency Nozzle List, click here.

To view the SCVWD Qualifying WBIC List, click here.

For a list of irrigation supply stores in Santa Clara County, click here

How to Apply

Program Requirements

Drip Irrigation Conversion Rebate

Under the Drip Irrigation Conversion Rebate, sites will berebated $0.25 per square foot for converting overhead sprinklers to an in-linedrip tubing irrigation system. This rebate is intended to encourage theconversion of inefficient overhead sprinklers to drip irrigation in existingshrub, perennial or annual planting beds.

Drip Irrigation Rebate Requirements

QUESTIONS? Call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554 or email us at