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Submeter Rebate Program


Receive up to $150 per installed submeterSubmeter rebate image
The Santa Clara Valley Water District is offering a rebate (up to $150 per installed submeter) to mobile home parks and condominium complexes for adding residential submeters.

Why install water submeters?
Just as residents are responsible for their own electric bill, water submetering:

  • makes residents responsible for their own water use.
  • can help keep rents low because water costs are taken out.
  • encourages residents to fix or report leaks, helping with long-term maintenance.

How much water will my complex save?
In a pilot study, the District found that complexes reduce their water use by an average of 25 percent!

Participation is easy:

  1. Applicant must contact the Santa Clara Valley Water District before the start of the project: (408) 630-2707. 

  2. If the site has an acre or more of irrigated landscape, schedule a landscape water-use survey with the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Surveys are provided free of charge.  Click here for more information.

  3. Submit a completed Commercial Rebate Program Application before the submeters are installed. 
    Private Well Customers are also eligible to apply - please call 408-630-2707 to request an application.

  4. Confirm device qualification for reimbursement:
  5. Schedule and complete submeter installation within six months of submitting an application to the District.

  6. Submit copy of the installation invoice, the submeter purchase invoice, the permit from the California Dept. of Housing and Community Development, and the submeter certification from the County Dept. of Weights and Measures, to the District as soon as installation is completed.

  7. Call the District to schedule a post-installation inspection of the complex submeters as soon as the installation is complete. This inspection must be completed by the district before the rebate can be issued.

  8. The Santa Clara Valley Water District will issue a check within approximately 8 weeks after all applicant requirements have been met.

  9. Rebates are available until funding is depleted.