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Public Review Documents

The following documents are subject to public review.  Please feel free to download these documents.  Pay special  attention to the review period for each document.  If you would like to submit comments, send an email to the project manager noted for each project.

Project Upper Guadalupe River Reach 6 Aquatic Habitat
Improvement Project
Review Period  Jan. 15, 2017 - Feb. 14, 2017 

Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration


The proposed project would be implemented in two phases, separated by about three years. During Phase 1, the District would dewater portions of the Reach 6 channel during the dry season and place 1,160 cubic yards (CY) of gravel at two river pools located between the West Virginia Street Bridge and the UPRR Bridge. After placement of the gravel during Phase 1, the District would monitor and analyze geomorphic and biological conditions at the project area for about three years or until a bankfull flow event occurs (recurrence interval = 1.5 years or greater). If the results of the monitoring demonstrate that gravel placement in Reach 6 is sustainable and beneficial to the aquatic habitat, the District would implement Phase 2 of the project, which would entail dewatering the river between the Virginia Street Bridge and the Interstate-280 crossing, placing an additional 3,000 CY of gravel in five deep pools, and placing 200 CY of gravel to fill voids among existing boulders located in the Reach 6/3C transition area.

Contact: For information on the project, James Manitakos, 408-630-2883



Project John D. Morgan Park Monitoring Well Project 
Review Period  August 9, 2016, 6 p.m. 

  Engineer's Report 


The proposed work of improvement is described in the John D. Morgan Park Monitoring Well Project (Project) Engineer’s Report. The Engineer's Report is on file at the Clerk of the Board of Directors, 5700 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, California, or by clicking on the "Engineer's Report" link above.

The objective of the Project is to construct up to five monitoring wells to support the District’s Expedited Purified Water Program, which includes potential indirect potable reuse (IPR) using purified water in the District’s Los Gatos recharge ponds. The proposed Project will facilitate ground water monitoring needed to satisfy state permitting requirements for IPR projects.

At the time and place fixed for the public hearing, the Board of Directors will receive comments on the Engineer’s Report for the Project. After considering the comments on the Engineer’s Report, the Board will decide whether or not to proceed with the Project.

Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate persons with disabilities wishing to attend this public hearing. For additional information on attending this hearing including requesting accommodations for disabilities or interpreter assistance, please contact the Office of the Clerk of the Board at (408)265-2607, ext. 2277, at least three business days prior to the hearing

Contact: For information on the project, Roger Pierno, Associate Civil Engineer, 408-630-2738