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District information
Flood preparedness
  • Winter Preparedness flyer
    Keep this information handy! WHAT TO DO Protect your family and property from flooding. Even though we are in a drought, flooding can happen. Extreme dry conditions can harden the ground. Within the first few days of heavy rain, the ground can deflect water into streams and creeks, increasing the chances of flash flooding.
  • Floodplain Mailer
    Flooding can happen during intense rainfalls, but typically occurs after several days of heavy rain that saturates the ground. It can strike quickly with little or no warning. While the water district’s many reservoirs provide some buffer between rainfall and creekflow, most creeks do not have a reservoir and water levels rise quickly during intense rainstorms.
  • FloodSAFE Guide
    This 20-page guide includes flood preparedness tips, sandbag guidelines
Stream stewardship
Water conservation
Water quality
  • Taste and Odor Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheet Water Tastes and Odors Does your drinking water taste or smell funny? Drinking water imported from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta or captured as rainfall in local reservoirs can occasionally have noticeable taste and odor, depending on the time of year or the source of the water coming into our treatment p
  • Water Quality Lab Fact Sheet
    The Santa Clara Valley Water District is home to one of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art labs dedicated to the safety of our tap water, source water and groundwater.
Water supply
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