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2012/2013 Surface Water Production Charge-Setting Process

Protection and Augmentation
of Water Supplies 2012/2013
This is the 41st annual report that assesses the water requirements and supplies of Santa Clara County. It includes an evaluation of the programs and services needed to ensure a reliable water supply, as well as a financial analysis. Click here >

FY2013-17 Water Utility Enterprise Operations Plan:  This first operations plan describes the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s operational activities, projected resources and expenditures needed to ensure a reliable, clean water supply for Santa Clara County over the next five years. Click here >

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has opened its public process for setting FY 2012/2013 surface water production charges (rates).

The rate-setting process includes a series of opportunities for the public to provide input  on the water district’s programs and services, including an open house and formal public hearings in April. 

The rate-setting process also includes a formal protest procedure by which well owners, operators and owners of land upon which a well is situated can object to the proposed change in rates. That procedure is explained in detail on  the Surface Water Protest Procedure . The FY 2012/2013 rate-setting process closes on April 24, 2012.

Santa Clara County has two distinct groundwater basins, whose operations, infrastructure and rate structure are separate. The north county basin is referred to as Zone W-2, and the south county is Zone W-5.

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e-mail smallIf you have questions or concerns about this year’s charge-setting process, please join us at an upcoming open house or public hearing. You may also contact Darin Taylor or Mala Magill at (408) 265-2600.