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Bollinger Photos Phase 2 July 2008

Photos of construction work at Bollinger Road Bridge

Photos taken July 15, 2008


Bank work

Bank work

Looking upstream from Bollinger Road, this is grading begun on the easterly bank. Pipes staged for water diversion in case of rain are in the background.


Communications cable

Communications cable and I-beams

Looking downstream toward Bollinger Road. The gray pipe supported by the I-beams is conduit for the AT&T communications cable. It was located beneath the sidewalk before construction began. You can see the sheet piles used for shoring at the right of the culvert. That portion of culvert will remain; the new one will be placed in front of it.


West end sewer

West end sewer bypass

The white pipe is a bypass line for the City of San Jose sanitary sewer siphon which was removed to make room for the new, larger culvert. Installing the bypass took one entire night and caused a great deal of disturbance in the neighborhood, for which we offer our apologies. However, it allows the sewer system to keep working during construction: an obvious necessity! The concrete wall on the left side of the photo is a wingwall for the original culvert. When the small culvert was built, the wall was buried. We are using it as shoring now.


East end sewer

East end sewer bypass

Another view showing where the old culvert was. We are standing in what used to be, and will be again, the eastbound lanes of Bollinger Road. This view also shows the cramped area within which our contactors have to work.


Oak trees

Oak trees protected

On the westerly bank, we are stopping construction 40 feet away from these historic oaks, where the orange fencing is. That distance will protect their roots and ensure continued viability.