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Flood Protection Resources-ARCHIVE

Santa Clara Valley Water District Hosted Neighborhood Meetings on April 6, 12, and 17 on Flooding & Flood Risk Prevention Efforts

RESPONSES TO QUESTIONS asked at the neighborhood meetings are available here
(July 18, 2017)

Our hearts and sympathies go out to the many individuals, families, businesses and organizations that were severely impacted and hurt by the President’s Day Weekend flooding.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District hosted public meetings with a resource and informational open house in the three neighborhoods most impacted by the storms. District representatives were there to answer your questions, get feedback and provide you with essential information on what the water district is doing to alleviate flooding along Coyote Creek. The City of San Jose and resource agencies were available during the open house. Spanish and Vietnamese speaking interpreters were available.

All three meetings took place in San Jose from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

El Distrito de Aguas del Valle de Santa Clara está organizando reuniones comunitarias el 6, 12 y 17 de abril sobre las inundaciones y los esfuerzos de prevención de riesgos de inundación

Sở Thủy Cục Vùng Thung Lũng Santa Clara (Santa Clara Valley Water District) Sẽ Chủ Trì Các Buổi Họp Khu Xóm vào ngày 6, 12, và 17 tháng Tư về Lũ Lụt & Các Nỗ Lực Phòng Ngừa Cơ Nguy Bị Lụt Lội 

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Diego Barragan at 408-630-3063,



April 6, 2017 meeting -th



2017-4-12 meeting-th


April 17, 2017 meeting -th

Sandbag sites

  • The water district’s sandbag sites are open from late November through April. Sites may be stocked with filled sandbags based on availability; at minimum, sites are stocked with sand and empty bags for self-filling

  • Locations and more sandbag info are here

Where can you find more information about flooding, flood safety and whether your home is at risk?

  • Find FEMA flood zone maps, the National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) database and map viewer, including Google Earth layers, and much more on the FEMA Map Service Center

  • Need flood insurance? Check here for FEMA flood insurance information

  • Learn more about property protection measures from FEMA

  • Streams and flood channels need to be maintained to protect against flooding. Here is information on the district’s Stream Maintenance Program, including a link to the online creek work request form.

  • Learn more about the benefits of taking care of local streams and protecting the natural creek habitat

  • Construction in the floodplain usually requires a special permit from your city or the county. Special requirements apply when you are substantially improving your existing building. Check with your city's permitting office to learn about regulations specific to your area. Check below for a list of cities and their phone numbers.  
  • Also use these numbers to report local street flooding. For more information on FEMA flood maps, flood insurance, elevation certificates and special permits, contact your local floodplain manager 

  Report local street flooding Contact local floodplain manager
Campbell (408) 866-2145 (408) 866-2140
Cupertino (after hours)
(408) 777-3269
(408) 299-2507
(408) 777-3354
Gilroy (after hours)
(408) 846-0444
(408) 846-0350
(408) 846-0451
Los Altos
Los Altos (after hours)
(650) 947-2785
(650) 947-2827
(650) 947-2632
Los Altos Hills (650) 941-7222 (650) 947-2516
Los Gatos (408) 399-5770 (408) 399-5770
Milpitas (after hours)
(408) 586-2600
(408) 586-2400
(408) 586-3325
Monte Sereno
Monte Sereno (after hours)
(408) 354-7635
(408) 299-2507
(408) 354-7635
Morgan Hill
Morgan Hill (after hours)
(408) 776-7333
(408) 779-2101
(408) 778-6480
Mountain View
Mountain View (after hours)
(650) 903-6329
(650) 903-6395
(650) 903-6311
Palo Alto
Palo Alto (after hours)
(650) 496-6974  
(650) 329-2413 
(650) 329-2295
San Jose
San Jose (after hours)
(408) 794-1900
(408) 277-8956
(408) 535-7803
Santa Clara
Santa Clara (after hours)
(408) 615-3080
(408) 615-5640
(408) 615-2465
Saratoga (after hours)
(408) 868-1245
(408) 299-2507
(408) 868-1274
Sunnyvale (includes after hours)
(408) 730-7400 
(408) 730-7444
Unincorporated Area (408) 494-2750 East 
(408) 366-3100 West 
(408) 683-1240 South 
(408) 299-5700
Santa Clara Valley Water District (408) 630-2378 (408) 630-2650

  • Are you at risk? Call your city's public works department for your official flood zone designation.