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Lower Silver Creek Reaches 1 - 3 Background


Flood protection project
Reaches 1-3

(completed in 2006)

Project description:
Construct the NRCS Watershed Plan to improve Lower Silver Creek to ensure flood protection up to the 100-year flood event.*  Lower Silver Creek Project - Reaches 1 through 3 starts at the confluence with Coyote Creek and runs upstream to Interstate 680.

Goals and objectives:

Implement the 1998 NRCS Watershed Plan update to:

  1. Provide protection to the surrounding area from the 100-year flood event.
  2. Mitigate and improve riparian habitat.
  3. Mitigate and improve fisheries.
  4. Partner with CSJ to implement the Dobern Pedestrian Bridge.

FEMA floodplain information (Coyote Creek to I-680):

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is in the process of completing an application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to request a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), which will lift the flood insurance requirement for those properties which are now out of the 1% flood hazard area.* Approximately 300 homes will be removed from the flood area because of the flood protection improvements recently constructed in Reaches 1, 2 and 3, between Coyote Creek and Interstate 680. It is anticipated the LOMR application will be submitted to FEMA in December 2008.

The floodplain analysis required by FEMA determined that approximately 450 properties will remain in the existing floodplain until Reaches 4 to 6 and Lake Cunningham improvements are constructed. These homes will remain in the flood hazard area due to floodwaters from a severe storm event overtopping the creek upstream of Interstate 680, travelling overland, and crossing underneath the freeway at the Jackson Avenue and Capitol Avenue undercrossing. These floodwaters are not captured by the Reaches 1 to 3 improvements and continue to flood many of the floodplain mapped areas.

(* a 1% flood event is sometimes also called a 100 year event, but is actually a storm event which has a one in 100 chance of occuring in any given year)


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