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2015 Urban Water Management Plan

The Santa Clara Valley Water District 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is available through the following links:

A hard copy of the 2015 UWMP is also available for public review at the district headquarters during normal business hours.

Project Description

The UWMP includes general information on the Santa Clara Valley Water District as well as information on climate, demographics, and the economy of Santa Clara County. Water supply sources including groundwater, local surface water, imported water, and water recycling are described in the plan. Also included is information on historical water use, water conservation programs, demand projections, water shortage contingency and supply interruption planning, reliability and threats to reliability. In addition, the plan examines the water supply outlook in the county under different hydrologic conditions in accordance with DWR guidelines.

This plan documents important information on water use and supply in Santa Clara County and serves as a valuable resource for water supply planners and policy makers. In addition, the district's UWMP is a foundational document for the preparation of water supply assessments and written verifications as required by Senate Bill (SB) 610 and SB 221 for projects subject to CEQA consisting of more than 500 dwelling units or equivalent water use.

A large portion of the analysis performed and information gathered to satisfy the requirement of the Urban Water Management Planning Act are directly applicable to the development of the district's Water Supply and Infrastructure Master Plan (Water Master Plan) including demand projections, supply assumptions, water supply reliability and the associated update of the water supply planning models. The Water Master Plan takes the process to the next level through the identification, weighting and prioritization of needed water supply and infrastructure projects. The UWMP is based on current operational assumptions and supplies and any shortages identified in the plan, and how to best address these, will be evaluated in the Water Master Plan.