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Free conservation items

Chances are, you are using more water in your home or business than you should be. The water district offers several free water conservation devices, as well as posters, flyers and literature that can help you save water.  

To see a Catalog of the items for Homes, click here

To see a Catalog of the items for Businesses, click here.

Some of the items you can request include:

  • Showerheads 
  • Bathroom aerators 
  • Kitchen aerators  
  • Shower timers 
  • Water efficient landscaping and plumbing literature  
  • Posters, flyers, signs, stickers, table tents, door hangers and bookmarks.

(Note that not all items listed in the catalogs are always available or in-stock.)

Interested in downloading one of our flyers? Click on the following links:

Small actions can add up to huge water savings. If everyone saved 20 gallons a day, we’d save more than 13 billion gallons a year in Santa Clara County alone. 

If you are interested in receiving FREE water conservation devices, call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554.  Most of these items are also available through the district's free Water Wise House Call Program.