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Lower Berryessa Creek

Lower Berryessa Creek Flood Protection Project

Project map 2015

Lower Berryessa Creek Project fact sheet

Construction update

(August 2015) - Phase one construction on the Lower Berryessa Creek Flood Protection Project (click to view project update) takes place this summer and starts approximately 400 feet south of the Milmont Drive Bridge to Abel Street. See "yellow" line on map. Work includes constructing floodwalls and levees to provide a 100-year flood protection as well as restoring tidal and freshwater wetlands. A 100-year flood is a flood event that has a one-in-100 chance of occuring in any given year. Construction began in early July and runs through December 2016. The second phase (orange line on map), which is from Abel Street to Calaveras Boulevard, is still under design, and start of construction is estimated to be within the next two years.

Work details and impacts

Construction work hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, with occasional Saturday work. Expect typical construction noise during work hours as trucks and crews access the creek at California Circle and Milmont Drive. Truck hauling will occur only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. A minimum of one lane in each direction will remain open throughout the project, but flaggers may be used for traffic control. Smaller equipment, such as pickup trucks, could access the project site at San Andreas Drive.

Equipment can include backhoes, excavators, jackhammers, compactors, loaders, dump trucks, drill rigs, pumps, portable sediment and/or water basins, and concrete pump trucks. The contractor may use a generator to pump water around the project site and back into the creek farther downstream. Expect typical construction conditions such as noise, dust, roadway traffic, lane reductions and truck traffic.

Cross section of channel improvements - Phase one (facing east)

Cross section improvements

About the project

The Lower Berryessa Creek Flood Protection Project extends approximately 1.7 miles through the city of Milpitas, from its confluence with Lower Penitencia Creek, south to Caleveras Boulevard. The project also includes about 2.1 miles of Calera and Tularcitos creeks. These two smaller creeks are tributaries to Berryessa Creek and must also be modified to prevent water from overflowing their banks. When complete, this project will protect vast portions of the City of Milpitas from flood events.  

Fact sheets covering the proposed project alternatives are available here:

Locations Lower Berryessa Creek Alternatives A and B

Location Lower Berryessa Creek Alternative C

Location Lower Berryessa Creek Alternative D

Planning and environmental documents for this project can be found in the "Meetings and Notices" section for this project page linked at left. 

Project contact:
For more information on this project, contact Engineering Unit Manager Christopher Hakes at (408) 630-3796 or by email at

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