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Access Valley Water


Want to report water waste? See trash or downed trees in or near a creek? Wonder what a water district crew is working on in your neighborhood? Want to report graffiti, dumping or other problems in or near a creek? Have a question? Let us know. Assign the location or let the app assign it for you. You can even attach a photograph! A case will be created immediately.

  • Use the links below to download the app to your mobile device, or go here to Access Valley Water from your computer.
  • Please note that during the summer you may experience increased response times for work requests. Our state and federal regulatory permits only allow us to perform projects within the creek during the dry months, so they become a priority June through October and most other work will not be prioritized until the fall.

NOTE: If you logged into Access Valley Water and created an account before August 23, 2021, you will need to create a new account. During that month, Valley Water switched over to a new and enhanced customer service system, requiring users to create a new account.  

Visit Access Valley Watera real-time way to send requests, questions, complaints and compliments directly to Valley Water. Use your smartphone to check on the status and receive messages from Valley Water as your request is processed. Click the link below.