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Priority E: Provide Flood Protection to Homes, Businesses, Schools and Highways (2012)

Flood protection measures under Priority E include capital construction projects, studies of flood prone areas, maintenance of existing flood protection channels and improvements to emergency planning for flood response.

Flood protection capital projects are prioritized to protect the largest number of people, homes and businesses, as well as safeguard the highways, streets, public transportation and business centers that people depend on for their livelihoods. All the construction projects under Priority E are undertaken in partnership with the federal government, and will require federal funding in addition to local funding to complete the preferred scope. Should federal funding become scarce, a reduced scope would be implemented, as described in the individual project summaries.

Whenever possible, the District also leverages funds from the state, local municipalities and other stakeholders.

Project E1: Vegetation Control and Sediment Removal for Flood Protection

Project E2: Emergency Response Planning

Project E3: Flood Risk Reduction Studies

Project E4: Upper Penitencia Creek Flood Protection (Coyote Creek to Dorel Drive - San José)

Project E5: San Francisquito Creek Flood Protection (San Francisco Bay to Middlefield Road - Palo Alto)

Project E6: Upper Llagas Creek Flood Protection (Buena Vista Avenue to Wright Avenue - Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy)

Project E7: San Francisco Bay Shoreline Protection (Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San José, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale)

Project E8: Upper Guadalupe River Flood Protection (Highway 280 to Blossom Hill Road - San José)