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Puppet show program

SCVWD Education Outreach 2018-19 Library Programming Descriptions

Title of Program: “Elmo & Grover In The Park” – Conservation Puppet show with the Santa Clara Valley Water District

Description: The puppet show is themed around conservation featuring Elmo and Grover. The puppet show teaches students the importance of picking up litter, recycling, planting trees, and saving water. Sally the Salmon joins her friends Elmo and Grover and helps teach about the problem of trash polluting our rivers and oceans.

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge of the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s water conservation messaging as well as the importance of student stewardship.

Cost/Supplies: No cost, but we normally bring extra educational materials on water conservation and our outdoor classroom programs.

Availability: Open availability depending on dates requested, we can accommodate both morning - mid-day and early afternoon.   

Prep Time/Duties: The room can be set up theater style with open area in front for smaller children to sit in front.  It would also be great to have the room set up with one-two tables for handouts and props/materials.

Attendance limits: If more than 50 participants, please notify us in advance so we can prepare additional materials.  If less than 10, please also notify us so we can prepare less materials.  

Public Blurb: Join the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s education outreach team and learn about conservation through a fun puppet show involving Elmo and Grover. The puppet show has 5 scenes which cover: picking up litter, recycling, planting trees, reusing old things in a new way and saving water. Following the puppet show, staff will have handouts available on water conservation, rebates and upcoming workshops.