Alert 6/10/22 | 11:57 AM: Valley Water to enforce restrictions on outdoor watering. Learn more
FYI 4/20/22 | 3:18 PM: Valley Water’s main buildings are now open to members of the public. Learn more
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Step 3 - Drought Awareness Campaign Resources

Social Media:

Youth Commission Campaign

Check out Valley Water's Instagram @SCVWD and engage with our Youth Commission campaign posts.

Animal-Theme Campaign

Download one or all four of our animal-themed posts and share them on your own profile.


Watch and share these educational videos.

Carla The Conscious Conservationist Video (English)

Carla The Conscious Conservationist Video (Spanish)


Sam Saves Water! (coming soon)


Water Conservation Pledge Video (coming soon)


Conservation Pledge Poster (coming soon)

Print out the Water conservation Pledge Poster and invite your community to sign their names and save water every day.


Water Conservation Stickers:

Order your stickers here.

Water bottles with water conservation stickers