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Tips For Partners

The most important thing you can do to encourage people to volunteer for your cleanup day is to notify them before the event and update them with helpful information about the important role they are playing in helping to keep our creeks clean.

1. E-mail or direct mail an early notification (at least 60 days in advance) of the date and time of your next cleanup day.

2. Send a reminder for your cleanup day 30 days prior to the event. Include a RSVP so that you have an idea of the number of people who'll need gloves. Also include the time of the cleanup and directions to the creek area.

3. On the day of your event, arrive early to meet and greet your volunteers, provide them with the tools they need and give them a briefing on cleanup safety tips (see link at left).

4. Think about organizing a social event along with the cleanup day. This could be something as simple as getting together for pizza at a local restaurant or a picnic at a local park. Turning your cleanup day into a fun, social event will make the experience something that volunteers will want to repeat.

5. Encourage your members to invite their friends or family members to the cleanup day.

6. At the end your cleanup event, ask your members when they would like to schedule the next one. Ask which months and days work best for their schedule.

A well-organized and safe cleanup event ensures that your volunteers will have a good experience and want to clean a creek in the near future.