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Bill’s Backyard: Bridge to Nature

D3 - Children's Discovery Musem

Project Name: Bill’s Backyard: Bridge to Nature

Grantee: San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum

District Award: $142,271

SCW Program Priority: D3 Restore Wildlife Habitat

Year Awarded: 2016

Project Summary: The grantee developed a 27,500 square foot outdoor space named Bill’s Backyard: Bridge to Nature. It features a tree structure to climb up, a hillside to roll down with tunnels to crawl through, a dig pit to shovel in, a dry creek bed to explore that mimics the adjacent Guadalupe River, and areas to build with natural materials like willows, reeds and grasses.  The education center will also allow families to see demonstration projects and sustainability solutions up-close. The District’s funds supported the work for eliminating all grass and plant native plants for increased bio-diversity in the riparian environment and attract beneficial insects, migratory birds, small mammals and even Monarch butterflies.

Project Location: 180 Woz Way, San Jose, CA 95110

Status: Completed 

Learn more about Safe, Clean Water Priority D3 Restore Wildlife Habitat and Provide Access to Trails & Open Space