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Coronavirus: Board Updates


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#188 Vaccination Clinic at Valley Water HQ July 14 & Aug 4

#187 New Valley Water FAQs, County’s New Vaccination Night Clinic


#183 Santa Clara County now has more than 1 million fully vaccinated residents

#182 County enters Yellow Tier - New Health Order mandates tracking of employee vaccination status

#181 California could ease mandatory mask mandates / FDA grants emergency approval of Pfizer-BioNTech

#180 SCC Slowly Moves to Yellow Tier; California Creates Initiatives to Bring Covid-19 Vaccines to Hard-to-Reach Communities

#179: SCC Reaches 1 Million Vaccine Doses; CDC Updates Mask Wearing Guidance

#178: County anticipated to hit 1 million first doses this week or next

#177: County opens vaccines to all ages 16 and older, pauses Johnson & Johnson vaccine on CDC recommendation

#176: Governor announces June 15 as date California may reopen, County urges continued vigilance against new virus variants

#175: County health officials highlight the vaccination of hundreds of farmworkers today, while 40 million people statewide are now living in areas where coronavirus restrictions are easing.

#174: Santa Clara County is now in Orange Tier but despite the easing of restrictions on some activities, everyone is still urged to take steps to reduce risk.


#170 Mobile Testing Returns to Valley Water, Outdoor Sports Occurring Again and The White House Plans to Send Masks to Communities In-Need

#169 COVID Vaccine Eligibility, Positivity Rate Decreases and Vaccine Supply Increases

#168 Lunar New Year Celebrations, Vaccine Equity and Mass Vaccination Sites

#167 County prioritizes vaccination for patients 65 and older

#166: State Lifts Regional Stay-at-Home Orders, Mobile Testing Bus Returns, & Storm Recap

#165, Jan. 20, New President, Stronger Virus Variant and COVID Testing Bus visits Valley Water

#164 Jan 13, COVID Testing bus coming to Valley Water HQ; local ICU nearly full 

#163 Jan 6, County closes all break rooms; State vaccine roll-out

#162 Dec. 30, 2020 Onsite Testing at Valley Water; CA Gov. Announces Safe Schools for All Plan

#161 Dec. 23, 2020 COVID-19 3rd Leading Cause of Deaths in County 

#160 Dec. 16, 2020 Vaccines and New Quarantine Guidelines

#159 Dec. 9, 2020 A surge in COVID-19 cases leaves Santa Clara County hospitals with less than 10 percent of the total capacity within intensive care units

#158 Dec. 4, 2020 Santa Clara County health officials announce today early implementation of the state’s Regional Stay Home Order, beginning Sunday, December 6

#157 Dec. 3, 2020 Governor Newsom provided a vaccine update and issued a Regional Stay-At-Home Order that will impact region’s with less than 15% Intensive Care Unit (ICU) availability—no areas, including Santa Clara County are impacted so far

#156 Dec. 2, 2020 Santa Clara County has submitted its vaccination distribution plan to the state; while the number of local hospitalizations for COVID continues to rise

#155 Nov. 25, 2020 COVID-19 cases reach record numbers and Holiday business enforcements

#154 Nov. 18, 2020 COVID-19 cases on the rise in Santa Clara County and California

#153 Nov. 11, 2020 Renewed call to keep following Santa Clara County pandemic best practices (Masks and Social Distancing)

#152 Nov. 4, 2020 Greater CA testing capacity in preparation for the Holidays

#151 Oct. 28, 2020 Revised Risk Reduction Order and California Scientific Safety Review Workgroup

#150 Oct. 21, 2020 Professional sporting events, testing locations and CDC response 

#149 Oct. 14, 2020 Santa Clara County moved to Orange Tier

#148 Oct. 7, 2020: Decreasing COVID Transmissions; Early Symptoms of Flu Similar to COVID-19

#147 Sept. 30, 2020 Missing Person Search at Reservoir; Halloween & Playground County Guidelines

#146 Sept. 23, 2020: County’s Work Exclusion & Isolation Rules Now Match CDC Guidelines

#145 Sept. 16, 2020: New County Healthcare Provider Testing Order

#144 Sept. 9, 2020: Valley Water enters operation period #23; State moves county to Red Tier

#143 Sept. 2, 2020: Under the state’s new tracking system, Santa Clara County is among the counties with higher COVID-19 transmission risk

#142 Aug. 26, 2020: Valley Water COVID-19 efforts and update on SCU and CZU fires

#141 Aug. 23, 2020: Expansion of Evacuation Order Zones for CZU & SCU Lightning Complex Fires & Status of Valley Water Facilities

#140 Aug. 20, 2020: Updated Penitencia WTP evacuation order lifted / SCU Lightening Complex Fire

#139 Aug. 20, 2020: Penitencia WTP Evacuation due to SCU Lightening Complex Fire

#138 Aug. 19, 2020: State of Emergency and C

OVID-19 Updates

#137 Aug. 18, 2020: State of Emergency - Power Outage Impacts on Facilities

#136 Aug. 17, 2020: Earthquake, Heatwave and Rolling Power Outages

#135 Aug. 12, 2020: State updating backlog of reported cases; County imposing fines for Health Order violations

#134 Aug. 5, 2020: COVID-19 Results and Development of Therapies and Vaccines

#133 July 31, 2020: Santa Clara County officials address COVID testing resources and availability concerns

#132 July 29, 2020: >Santa Clara County reports growing number of COVID cases among the Latino community

#131 July 27, 2020: Surge in County COVID-19 cases among people ages 20 to 29,19 and younger

#130 July 24, 2020: New resources for California workers

#129 July 22, 2020: Valley Water onsite testing and Town Hall tomorrow; Record-breaking number of new cases in California

#128 July 20, 2020: County focusing on small business resources

#127 July 17, 2020: State releases guidance for educators and schools

#126 July 15, 2020 Valley Water onsite testing fills more than half of the slots available

#125 July 13, 2020: Valley Water will offer onsite testing; County Health focused on contact tracing

#124 July 10, 2020: Valley Water prepares for Operational Period #19; County adds two new testing sites; State addresses wildfire season

#123 July 8, 2020: County’s new health order approved by the State; State increases treatment capacity; White House discusses reopening of schools

#122 July 6, 2020: Confusion over County’s latest health order; State is ready to prioritize enforcement

#121 July 3, 2020: Latest COVID-19 Data

#120 July 1, 2020: Latest COVID-19 Data

#119 June 30, 2020: Pacheco Pumping Plant Area Grass Fire update & Latest COVID-19 Data

#118 Latest COVID-19 Data and Updates

#117 Latest COVID-19 Data and Updates

#116 Latest COVID-19 Data and Updates

#115 Latest COVID-19 Data and Updates

#114 Latest COVID-19 Data and Updates

#113 Latest COVID-19 Data and Updates

#112 Latest COVID-19 Data

#110 EOC Operation Period #17 Begins. Latest Covid Data  

#108 County Q and A Mail-in Ballots and Plasma Therapy

#106 County Status on Hair/Nail Salons, Gyms and PREVENTS Task Force

#105 Pop-Up Testing Sites, Governor's COVID-19 Executive Order and White House Safe Policing Executive Order

#104 EOC Operation Period #16 Begins, 2020 Census, and State Capacity Building

#103 The Latest COVID-19 Data, Readying for Operational Period #16

#102 The Latest COVID-19 Data

#101 County Q&A on Testing

#100 A Significant Milestone, Plus More Testing Guidance

#99 Tips to Support Child/Teen Mental Health During the Pandemic 

#98 Testing Advice for Protest Participants

#97 Operational Period #15 Begins; Latest COVID-19 Data

#96 Valley Water will be transitioning to EOC Operational Period 15 starting tomorrow, June 8

#95 Given recent protests, the County urges everyone to get tested for COVID-19

#94 County's revised health order went into effect today, prompting many businesses and activities to reopen

#93 Noon protest near our headquarters campus and warehouse prompts strong recommendation for onsite staff to promptly leave and telework, while security staff take precautionary actions

#92 The County's revised health order goes into effect tomorrow

#91 City of San Jose’s new face covering ordinance goes into effect while the County’s upcoming revised shelter-in-place order represents a significant milestone

#90 June 2: Despite a heat advisory and revised County orders, residents are still encouraged to practice social distancing

#89 June 1: Several sectors in the County will soon reopen and Valley Water staff is reminded of Bay Area cities curfew

#88 May 31: Valley Water prepares for Operational Period #14

#87 May 30: California issues new Executive Order and sees a slight decrease in hospitalization cases.

#86 May 29: County ramps up for contact tracing; the State provides guidance on how to reopen, counties decide when to reopen; White House cuts ties with WHO.

#85 May 28: 12th Virtual Town Hall; National Toll Surpasses 100K

#84 May 27: A path forward and re-opening guidance

#83 May 26: Reopening of Retail and Places of Worship; and Additional Relief for Nursing Facilities

#82 May 25: Latest COVID -19 case data

#81 May 24: Latest COVID -19 case data

#80 May 23: Latest COVID -19 case data

#79 May 22: Latest COVID-19 case data

#78 May 21: Latest COVID-19 case data

#77 May 20: Latest COVID-19 case data

#76 May 19: Latest COVID-19 case data

#75 May 18: Latest COVID-19 case data

#74 May 17: Latest COVID-19 case data

#73 May 16: Latest COVID-19 case data

#72 May 15: Website Update; County Expands Testing

#71 May 14: Virtual Town Hall Meeting; Governor’s Budget Revision 

#70 May 13: New local testing centers; State prepares for wildfire season

#69 May 12: New Workforce Resource Tool; Gov. Announced New Statewide Guidance

#68 May 11: Operational Period #11 Transition; Mental Health Resources; Federal Relief Request from Western States Pact

#67 May 10: Board Update, latest information

#66 May 9: Board update

#65 May 8: Governor Newsom signs executive order to allow all California voters ability to vote by mail in November

#64 May 7: Local County Orders Supersede State Guidelines on Phase 2

#63 May 6: Gov. Announces COVID-19 Workers Comp Benefits, Property Tax Payment Plan, & Website for Testing Sites by Zip Code.

#62 May 5: Gov. Newsom Announces Opening Certain Beaches in Southern Cal., White House Discusses Winding Down COVID-19 Task-Force by Memorial Day

#61 May 4: County Announces Two New Testing Sites, Governor Announces Moving into Phase 2 of Opening the State

#60 May 3: Latest COVID-19 Data

#59 May 2: Latest COVID-19 Data

#58 May 1:  County Dept of Health Reiterates Revised Order, Governor Recognizes Essential Workers

#57 April 30: Valley Water Hosts Eighth Town Hall, Governor Announces New Childcare Provider Portal

#56 April 29: Shelter in Place Order Revised; Governor Announces Farm to Families Initiative

#55 April 28: Shelter in Place Order to Be Revised Tomorrow; Governor Announces Phased Approach to Reopening

#54 April 27: Shelter In Place Order Likely to Be Extended; Two States Join Western States Pact; Valley Water Enters Operational Period #9

#53 April 26: Valley Water Prepares for Next Operational Period

#52 April 25: Face Coverings and Latest Covid-19 Data

#51 April 24: Long-term Care Facilities Meals for Seniors and Stimulus Package

#50 April 23: Valley Water Holds 7th Town Hall and California's Deadliest Day

#49 April 22: Early COVID-19 Cases and Resumption of Scheduled Surgeries

#48 April 21: Statewide Volunteer Initiative and Stimulus Package

#47 April 20: Valley Water Begins Operational Period #8

#46 April 19: Valley Water Operational Period #8 to Begin on Monday

#45 April 18: County and State Report Success in Housing Homeless Under Project Room Key

#44 April 17: Valley Water Begins Transition for Operational Period #8, Gov. Newsom Announces State Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery

#43 April 16: Valley Water Holds Sixth Employee Town Hall, White House Announces Guidelines to Reopen Nation’s Economy

#42 April 15: Valley Water Prepares for Employee Town Hall #6, Governor Announces Aid for Workers

#41 April 14: Governor Details Indicators for Reopening Economy, County Stresses that Shelter-in-Place Will Continue

#40 April 13: Valley Water Enters OP#7, Gov Announces New West Coast Plan for Reopening Economy

#39 April 12: No official media briefings today, many calls to maintain social distancing for Easter weekend

#38 April 11: New York faces surge in COVID deaths as US passes all other nations impacted by virus, County warns residents to socially distance this Easter weekend

#37 April 10: CA Governor shares plan to use cell phones to track social distancing, County warns residents to socially distance this Easter weekend

#36 April 9: Valley Water holds virtual employee Town Hall, Legislative Leaders to call for oversight hearings

#35 April 8: Valley Water Supports its Teleworkers, County wants an Inventory of all PPE, Governor finds a way to clean masks for reuse, SJ closes their biggest Parks

#34 April 7: Governor Newsom says curve is bending; Valley Water goes virtual, County urges residents to keep following shelter directives

#33 April 6: As CA braces for surge in test results, SCC stands ready, focusing new efforts on preventing homelessness and isolating those who test positive

#32 April 5: California Counties cancel penalties for property owners impacted by COVID-19; Over 1.6 million individuals tested throughout the country

#31 April 4: California seeks to increase testing capacity and White House warns of surge in deaths in coming weeks

#30 April 3: CA Legislature delays return; Guidance on face coverings; No water shutoffs

#29 April 2: COVID-19 Dashboards and Economic Assistance to Small Businesses

#28 April 1: Distance Learning and Social Distancing

#27 March 31: Extended Shelter in Place Order

#26 March 30: Public Awareness Campaign; Call to Action / Executive Order

#25 March 29: National Social Distancing Guidelines Extended to April 30

#24 March 28: Gov. Newsom & Mayor Liccardo Visit Bloom Energy in Sunnyvale

#23 March 27: Gov. HQ Buildings Closed to Public; CA to Receive Federal Stimulus Funds

#21 March 25: School Closures Extended to May 1; New Financial Assistance

#20 March 24: Gov. Newsom continues rapid response efforts

#19 March 23: CA Major Disaster Declaration Approved; Updates from President Trump and Gov. Newsom

#18 March 22: Governor Newsom Requests Presidential Major Disaster Declaration to Respond to COVID-19

#17 March 21: Latest case numbers and announcements from CA Governor Newsom

#16 March 20: COVID-19 Response Efforts

#15 March 19: Governor Gavin Newsom announces statewide order for all residents to stay home

#14 March 19: COVID-19 Update