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Historical Flood Reports


Since 1967, Valley Water staff has prepared reports following instances of severe flooding. These reports, listed below, provide an analysis of circumstances that led to individual flood events and document the areas that were flooded. In addition they provide a good summary of historic flood damages, as well as valuable information about planning for potential future flood events in Santa Clara County.

2017 Flood Report (11/28/2017)

2012 Flood Report (12/13/2012)

2009 Flood Report (10/13/2009)

1998 Flood Report (2/9/1998)

1996-97 Flood Report (1/27/1997)

1995 Flood Report (3/11/1995)

1986 Flood Report (2/20/1986)

1983 Flood Report (4/30/1983)

1982 Flood Report (4/30/1982)

1980 Flood Report (2/22/1980)

1978 Flood Report (1/17/1978)

1967 Flood Report (1/24/1967)

1955-56 Northern California Floods (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 6/1/1956)