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Water Wise Survey Request Form

This is a survey form for Irrigation surveys ONLY. If you are looking for a landscape rebate survey, please start your your application here.  If you're not sure where to start on a potential landscape rebate project, please continue completing the form below.

Thank you for your interest in a Water Wise Outdoor Survey. At this time a working irrigation system is required to participate. If you would like a DIY Indoor Survey Kit, please change the "Services Requested" above to “DIY Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit". Additional resources to help you save water in your landscaping can be found at Please contact us with any quesitons at (408) 630-2000 or [email protected]

San Jose Water Company Disclaimer
San Jose Water Company customers should call (408) 279-7900, email [email protected], or go to instead of completing this form.
How did you hear about this service?
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How do you prefer to be contacted?
Photos showing the irrigation controller make or model can help us prepare for your survey.
If you have trouble uploading your controller photo, please send it as an attachment to [email protected]
Maximum 2 files.
14 MB limit.
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14 MB limit per form.
Is your irrigation controlled via wi-fi or your cell phone?
If yes, we'll need your mobile device or another method to access and test the controller.
It is not required, but it will help us navigate your landscape more efficiently during the survey.
Are you interested in participating in our Landscape Rebate Program?
Have you previously had a Water Wise Outdoor Survey within the last 3 years?
If yes, we will happily provide you with your past survey results and additional resources. However, surveys are only available if it has been 3 years or more since your last survey.

After submitting this request,  fill out and submit the Hold Harmless Agreement.This link will appear again on the Confirmation Page after hitting submit.

All customers must fill out and submit a Hold Harmless Agreement to receive a free Water Wise Outdoor Survey. The Hold Harmless Agreement allows our trained irrigation professional to enter your property to conduct the survey. Please submit this request separately from the Hold Harmless Agreement. If you leave this page before hitting “Submit”, your data may be lost.

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Quick Tips

A water bill is helpful for us to understand your water usage based on your consumption history, and enables us to include a summary of your water use in the survey's results. The latest water meter reading and your water usage graph will be most helpful to us prior to the survey.

For any questions, please email [email protected] or call (408) 630-2000.

Disclaimer: Please do not upload personal or sensitive materials through this form. We may ask for additional materials while processing your request.