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Current Partners


You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to adopt a creek. In fact, local colleges, homeowner associations, boy and girl scouts, elementary and high schools, non-profits, and families have taken the pledge to act as stewards for their community.

Below is a list of Adopt-A-Creek volunteers who are taking an active role to help preserve the health and beauty of local creeks.

For information about how your group can help, contact the Adopt-A-Creek program: Ricardo Barajas, (408) 630-2239.

Participating Adopt-A-Creek partners provide a great service by demonstrating their concern about their neighborhood and environment.

How's It Going?

Let us know about your experiences as an Adopt-A-Creek volunteer. Share it with us:

  • How often do you visit the creek?
  • What do you like best?
  • Do you have a funny story to tell about your cleanup day?
  • How can we make your next cleanup day better?

Whatever you have to say, we want to hear all about it.

You can contact Ricardo Barajas at (408) 630-2239.

Current Adopt-A-Creek Partners

Creek - Adoptee
Adobe Creek - Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
Adobe Creek - Reinhardt Construction
Adobe and Barron Creeks - San Francisquito Watershed Council
Alamitos Creek - Boy Scout Troop 577
Alamitos Creek - Venture Christian Church
Alamitos Creek - Woodside of Almaden Home Owners Association
Barron Creek - Palo Verde Elementary School
Berryessa Creek - Bianchi-Amaker Construction, Inc.
Calabazas Creek - Boy Scouts of America – Pack 433
Calabazas Creek - Boy Scout Troop 443
Calabazas Creek - Cub Scout Pack 411
Calabazas Creek - Cub Scout Pack 419
Calabazas Creek - Miller Neighborhood Association
Calabazas Creek - St. Joseph of Cupertino School
Calera Creek - Milpitas High School – Digital Business Academy
Calera Creek - Milpitas High School – Tree Huggers Society
Calero Creek - IBM Corporation
Canoas Creek - Carson (Rachel) School
Canoas Creek - Oak Grove High School
Coyote Creek - Environmental Resource Center – San Jose State University
Coyote Creek - GE Water & Process Technologies
Coyote Creek - Santa Clara County Water Ski Club
East Ross Creek - Single Focus Ministry
Guadalupe Creek - Branham High School – Octagon Club
Guadalupe Creek - Branham High School – SPARE Club
Guadalupe Creek - Cub Scout Pack 340
Guadalupe Creek - Los Gatos Christian School
Guadalupe Creek - Pioneer High School – Science Department
Guadalupe River - Boy Scout Troop 286 – Holy Family Church
Guadalupe River - Chi- Epsilon/San Jose State University
Guadalupe River - Earth Medicine
Guadalupe River - Forest City Commercial Management
Guadalupe River - Guadalupe River Park Conservancy 
Guadalupe River - Groundwerx
Guadalupe River - San Jose Permacultures Guild
Guadalupe River - South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition
Guadalupe River - South Bay Yacht Club
Guadalupe River - The Rotary Club of San Jose
Guadalupe River - Walnut Factory Homeowners Association
Lone Hill Creek - Dennis Lee Dooley
Los Gatos Creek - Blackford Elementary School
Los Gatos Creek - Flycasters of San Jose
Los Gatos Creek - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers — Local 332
Los Gatos Creek - Dave Lane
Los Gatos Creek - State Assembly Member James T. Beall, Jr.
Los Gatos Creek - Martin H. Tapay
Los Gatos Creek - Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Lower Penitencia Creek - Silicon Andhra
Lower Silver Creek - Ocala Middle School
Lower Silver Creek - Rogers Elementary School
Lower Silver Creek - SNI Mayfair NAC
Matadero Creek - Sam and Susie Brain
Oka Lane Groundwater Recharge Ponds - Campbell United Methodist Church
Permanente Creek - Stevens and Permanente Creek Watershed Council of San Jose
Randol Creek - Bret Harte Middle School
Randol Creek - California Ridge Activities Group
Regnart Creek - Cupertino High School – Red Cross Club
Rodeo Creek - Clean is Green
Ross Creek - Cub Scout Pack 358
Ross Creek - Ross Creek Neighbors
Ross Creek - The Yellum Family
Ross Creek - Union Middle School – Junior Scholarship Federation
San Pedro Recharge Ponds - San Pedro Ponds Trail Volunteers
San Tomas Aquino Creek - Blackford NAC
San Tomas Aquino Creek - Boynton Community Association
San Tomas Aquino Creek - Civil Engineering Department – Santa Clara University
San Tomas Aquino Creek - Phillip Clark
San Tomas Aquino Creek - General Dynamics
San Tomas Aquino Creek - Forest Hills Elementary School
San Tomas Aquino Creek - Lupe Lopez
San Tomas Aquino Creek - San Tomas West Neighborhood Association
San Tomas Aquino Creek - Westmont High School
Saratoga Creek - Boy Scout Troop 48
Saratoga Creek - Boy Scout Pack 325
Saratoga Creek - Brownie Troop 60217
Saratoga Creek - Buchser Middle School
Saratoga Creek - Cub Scout Pack 43
Saratoga Creek - Girl Scout Troop 400
Saratoga Creek - Girl Scout Troop 61095
Saratoga Creek - Patricia Roesch
Saratoga Creek - St. Andrews Church Youth Group
Saratoga Creek - Sutter Elementary School
Saratoga Creek - West Valley College, Park Management Program
Sierra Creek - Robert Mahon
Sierra Creek - Troop 468 Vipers Patrol
Smith Creek - Paul Davis
Smith Creek - Barbara Holden
Smith Creek - Ms. Louise Perez
Stevens Creek - Cub Scout Pack 415
Stevens Creek - Girl Scout Troop 61111
Stevens Creek - Stevens & Permanente Creek Watershed Council of San Jose
Stevens Creek - William Symons
Sunnyvale East Channel - William Wright
Sunnyvale East Channel - Fremont Union High School – Acting to Protect our Environment
Sunnyvale West Outfall - Lockheed Martin SCC Leadership Association
Thompson Creek - Boy Scout Troop 264
Thompson Creek - Friends of Thompson Creek
Upper Penitencia Creek - Cub Scout Pack #166
Upper Penitencia Creek - Boy Scout Troop #611
Uvas-Carnadero Creek - Adams 4-H Club
Vasona Canal - Carla Dougher
West Little Llagas Creek - El Toro Landscape

Three Steps To Start

Getting started on your first cleanup is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Schedule your creek cleanup at least 10 working days prior to your start date. This will allow us make sure there is no maintenance work scheduled during your event. Make sure to notify all your group members well in advance of your creek cleanup day (we recommend 60 days). To schedule a creek cleanup, contact the Adopt-A-Creek program coordinator Ricardo Barajas, (408) 630-2239, or use our on-line form.

Step 2: If you need garbage bags, gloves, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent, or gate keys to access the creek site, notify the program coordinator when you schedule your creek cleanup. We furnish these items at no cost. Call the program coordinator before you pick up the supplies at our San Jose warehouse located at 5905 Winfield Boulevard, San Jose, California.

Please notify us whether or not you would like our maintenance personnel to pick up your collected debris after your creek cleanup event.

Step 3: Begin your cleanup event. Don't forget to have your permit with you at all times during the event!

Tips For Partners

The most important thing you can do to encourage people to volunteer for your cleanup day is to notify them before the event and update them with helpful information about the important role they are playing in helping to keep our creeks clean.

1. E-mail or direct mail an early notification (at least 60 days in advance) of the date and time of your next cleanup day.

2. Send a reminder for your cleanup day 30 days prior to the event. Include a RSVP so that you have an idea of the number of people who'll need gloves. Also include the time of the cleanup and directions to the creek area.

3. On the day of your event, arrive early to meet and greet your volunteers, provide them with the tools they need and give them a briefing on cleanup safety tips (see link at left).

4. Think about organizing a social event along with the cleanup day. This could be something as simple as getting together for pizza at a local restaurant or a picnic at a local park. Turning your cleanup day into a fun, social event will make the experience something that volunteers will want to repeat.

5. Encourage your members to invite their friends or family members to the cleanup day.

6. At the end your cleanup event, ask your members when they would like to schedule the next one. Ask which months and days work best for their schedule.

A well-organized and safe cleanup event ensures that your volunteers will have a good experience and want to clean a creek in the near future.