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Water Supply Infrastructure Implementation Projects

About This Project

The Valley Water Board of Directors approved three new projects to define the long-term needs and ensure the reliability of Valley Water's water supply infrastructure. 

Water Treatment Plant Implementation Project
This project will develop a comprehensive 30-year implementation plan to identify projects to repair, replace, and/or upgrade the infrastructure at our four water treatment plants; address the increasingly stringent water quality regulations; and integrate with the recently completed Water Supply Master Plan (WSMP).

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Implementation Project
This project will prepare an update to the process control systems/SCADA master plan (2011), produce design and implementation standards for new projects, and recommend a coordinated suite of improvement projects (15-year implementation plan).

Distribution System Implementation Project
This project will develop a comprehensive 30-year implementation plan to identify improvements to Valley Water’s raw and treated water systems based on current demands, future growth, and emergencies. The project will optimize our raw and treated water distribution systems, evaluate retailer needs, and recommend direct capital actions needed to protect existing distribution systems.

Water treatment plant aerial image and distribution system IP
Start FY 2021/ Finish FY 2024
News and UpdatesNews and Updates
Reports and DocumentsReports and Documents
Environmental and Community BenefitsEnvironmental and Community Benefits
History and BackgroundHistory and Background
News & Updates

The status of each of the implementation projects is provided below. Valley Water plans to complete consultant selection and agreements for all implementation projects in 2021. All active, competitive procurements for Valley Water can be obtained through the Contract Administration System (CAS) web portal.

  • Water Treatment Plant Implementation Project: Proposals have been submitted.
  • SCADA Implementation Project Owner’s Advisor: Request for Proposal (RFP) has been published and is available at Valley Water’s Contract Administration System (CAS):
  • SCADA Implementation Project: RFP has been published and is available at Valley Water’s CAS:
  • Distribution System Implementation Project: RFP being prepared.

For more informationplease contact
Bhavani Yerrapotu, Deputy Operating Officer, Treated Water Division, Valley Water

Environmental & Community Benefits

The Implementation Projects work toward two goals of the Ensure Sustainability strategy from the Water Supply Master Plan:

  1. Secure existing system – Valley Water should secure existing supplies and facilities for future generations because they are, and will continue to be, the foundation of the county’s water supply system. The Implementation Projects will evaluate and recommend repairs or upgrades to Valley Water’s existing water treatment, distribution, and SCADA infrastructure.
  2. Optimize the system - increase Valley Water’s ability to use existing supplies and infrastructure. Valley Water’s existing supplies are more than sufficient to meet current and future needs in wet and above normal years. In some years, supplies exceed needs, and additional facilities would increase flexibility and the ability to use or store those excess supplies. Additional infrastructure could increase Valley Water’s ability to respond to outages and challenges such as droughts and water quality problems with existing supplies.
History & Background

The Valley Water Board of Directors approved the Water Supply Master Plan 2040 (WSMP) on November 20, 2019. The WSMP’s sustainability strategy emphasized the need to secure existing supplies and infrastructure to meet long term water supply reliability goals. The WSMP will be monitored and adjusted through the Master Plan's Monitoring and Assessment Program (MAP). To ensure all the conveyance, treatment, and distribution systems are ready to deliver on future investments, three new projects have been identified and are aligned with the WSMP’s sustainability strategy.

  • Water Treatment Plant Implementation Project,
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Implementation Project, and
  • Distribution System Implementation Project.