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Project Updates
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Traffic and Trail Impacts


From time to time our construction and maintenance projects require temporary road or lane closures, trail closures or similar impacts to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Current and planned impacts will be noticed here.

Current Trail Impacts

Lower Penitencia Creek Improvements Project (spring 2023)

Valley Water’s contractor is working to provide continued flood protection for residents and businesses located along the one-mile project length from Milmont Drive downstream to I-880 in Milpitas.

The two sections of trails, San Andreas Dr. to Milmont Dr. and Milmont Dr. to California Cir., are temporarily closed. The trail was dug up to accommodate pipe installation and other project tasks. In its current state, the trail is unsafe and in no condition for walking. With wet soil, the trails are unworkable, as the soil needs to dry before work on the trails can begin. Without further rain delays, the anticipated start of the grading and resurfacing of the trails is April 2023. The trail will reopen once the grading and resurfacing work is done in early May 2023.

Our goal is to complete the project safely and quickly by spring 2023. Visit the Lower Penitencia Creek Improvements Project to learn more about the project.

Stream Maintenance Program (to be updated in June 2023)

As part of our Stream Maintenance Program (SMP), Valley Water performs work along creeks across Santa Clara County every summer. Under the SMP, work occurs annually to improve the environment, reduce flooding risk, and keep our communities safe. For decades, our crews have been trekking into streams to remove sediment build-up, manage vegetation, clear trash and debris, and stabilize banks that have eroded during high water flows. For the public's safety, work crews and to complete this vital community work, on occasion trails will be temporarily closed. The following is a list of the impacted trails:

To learn more about the SMP or to view a listing of the projects for 2022, visit the project page.

Current Traffic Impacts

Valley Water is constructing the South County Recycled Water Pipeline Project to enhance Gilroy’s recycled water distribution system. Once completed, the distribution of additional recycled water will expand service to existing customers, improve delivery, allow service to new customers, and support future system expansion. We thank you for your patience while we are under construction.

Traffic impacts are to be posted as they are scheduled.