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Project Updates
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Traffic and Trail Impacts


From time to time our construction and maintenance projects require temporary road or lane closures, trail closures or similar impacts to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Current and planned impacts will be noticed here.

Current Trail Impacts

Stream Maintenance Program

As part of our Stream Maintenance Program (SMP), Valley Water performs work along creeks across Santa Clara County every summer. Under the SMP, work occurs annually to improve the environment, reduce flooding risk, and keep our communities safe. For decades, our crews have been trekking into streams to remove sediment build-up, manage vegetation, clear trash and debris, and stabilize banks that have eroded during high water flows. For the public's safety, work crews and to complete this vital community work, on occasion trails will be temporarily closed. The following is a list of the impacted trails:

  • Alamitos Creek Camden Ave to Greystone Creek confluence (Sept. 2022): Crews will remove dead vegetation, invasive trees, and plants and do vegetation thinning. The trail from Graystone Lane upstream to Singer Park will remain open, but flaggers will be present to guide trail users around the work area safely. Please follow all safety instructions near the work site. The work will continue for about a month from its start date.

To learn more about the SMP or to view a listing of the projects for 2022, visit the project page.

Permanente Creek Temporary Trail Detours (Sept 2022)

The Permanente Creek Floodwall Retrofit Project involves retrofitting the foundations of approximately 1,300 feet of floodwalls along the eastern bank of Permanente Creek between Charleston Rd. and US Highway 101 in Mountain View. The foundations will be reinforced and widened to increase the floodwall's stability. The retrofit work starts in late November 2022 and continues through April 2023. Trail detours will begin in mid-November.

Temporary Trail Detours

As shown in this map, there will be two temporary trail detours. The first detour, defined by the blue striped path, will last five days as crews build a temporary pedestrian ramp to separate trail users from the construction area. The same detour is expected to be implemented again after the project is completed to accommodate the removal of the temporary ramp and restoration of the trail to its original condition. The second trail detour, defined by the green dotted path, will start after the temporary pedestrian ramp is constructed and will be in effect through the project's completion, anticipated in April 2023.

Lower Penitencia Creek Improvements Project (Aug 2022)

Valley Water’s contractor is working to provide continued flood protection for residents and businesses located along the one-mile project length from Milmont Drive downstream to I-880 in Milpitas.

The safety of trail users, neighbors, and workers is a priority for Valley Water. The contractor will periodically open the section of trail between North Abbott Avenue and Milmont Drive when work is not scheduled for this creek area and the trail’s condition is safe for public use. The periods of when the trail is opened will vary based on project needs.

Our goal is to complete the project safely and quickly by the end of 2022. Visit the Lower Penitencia Creek Improvements Project to learn more about the project. 

Current Traffic Impacts

There are no traffic impacts currently in effect.