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ReThink Disposable: Preventing Riparian Trash at the Source

B7 Clean Water Fund

Project Name: ReThink Disposable: Preventing Riparian Trash at the Source

Grantee: Clean Water Fund

District Award: $82,133

SCW Program Priority: B7 Pollution Prevention

Year Awarded: 2014

Project Summary: With funding from the district, this project supported the expansion and pilot of the ReThink Disposable program in three cities of the county of Santa Clara—San Jose, Cupertino and Sunnyvale. This upstream pollution prevention approach conserves resources, prevents waste and greenhouse gas emissions, saves businesses money, and reduces plastics and trash that enter the San Francisco Bay and the ocean. ReThink Disposable is grounded on research conducted by CWF and five local government partners that found that 67% of the trash entering Bay Area trash hot spots (creeks and storm drains) is food and beverage packaging- most of it related to take-out food service.

Project Location: Countywide but mainly San Jose, Cupertino and Sunnyvale

Status: Completed 

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