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2018/2019 Groundwater Production Charge-Setting Process


The Santa Clara Valley Water District will conduct its public process for setting FY 2018/2019 groundwater production charges (rates) in the Spring of 2018.

As Santa Clara County’s primary water wholesaler, the water district strives to make sure there is enough clean, safe water to sustain the region’s economic vitality and quality of life. Water charges pay for the infrastructure and services required to deliver clean, safe drinking water to Silicon Valley residents and businesses.

The rate-setting process includes a series of opportunities for the public to provide input at an open house and public hearings in April. The details of these meetings are listed in the Important Dates section on page 3 of the notice. The rate-setting process also includes a formal protest procedure by which well owners, operators, and owners of land upon which a well is located can object to the proposed increase in rates. That procedure is explained in detail here.

The water district’s founding legislation (District Act) provides for the levying of groundwater charges to pay for the protection and augmentation of  water supplies from those who produce groundwater for beneficial use. Charges may be collected from all those within a zone who own or operate water-producing wells, whether currently active or not. Revenue from groundwater production charges may be used to pay for and incur debt for certain activities, including the following:

District Act snippet

Santa Clara County has two distinct groundwater basins, whose operations, infrastructure, and rate structure are separate. The North County basin is referred to as Zone W-2, and the South County is Zone W-5.For information on the rate-setting process in your area: