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2023-24 Surface Water Charge-Setting Process


Valley Water will conduct its public process for setting FY 2023/2024 groundwater and surface water charges (rates) in the Spring of 2023. 

As Santa Clara County’s primary water wholesaler, Valley Water strives to make sure there is enough safe, clean water to sustain the region’s economic vitality and quality of life. Water charges pay for the infrastructure and services required to deliver clean, safe drinking water to Silicon Valley residents and businesses.

The rate-setting process includes a series of opportunities for the public to provide input at an open house and public hearings in April. The rate-setting process also includes a formal protest procedure where surface water users can object to the proposed increase in rates. The procedure is explained in detail using the link provided below.

The amount paid to Valley Water to divert surface water for your use is comprised of a basic user charge, which is equivalent to the groundwater production charge, and a surface water master charge. The basic user charge helps pay for the cost to manage and augment surface water supplies. It's set equal to the groundwater production charge because the use of surface water helps ensure sustainable groundwater supplies by reducing the need for pumping. The surface water master charge pays for costs that are specific to surface water users only, including the work to operate surface water turnouts and maintain information on surface water accounts.

In accordance with Valley Water's 2040 Water Supply Master Plan, investments in large infrastructure, public safety, and reliability are critically important to our water supply and help to respond to the current drought as well as prepare us for droughts and other emergencies. Inside, you will find more information about some of those investments.

Water is one of our most precious resources, and we strive to manage it responsibly by utilizing the public's money wisely. The Valley Water Board of Directors continues to remind everyone to make conservation a way of life. Long-term water supply planning and investment make Valley Water better prepared to meet the ongoing needs of our community.