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2021-22 North County Groundwater Production Charge-Setting Process


Our District Act provides that groundwater charges may be levied to further the protection and augmentation of the water supplies as well as produce groundwater for beneficial use; may be collected from all those within a zone who own or operate water producing wells whether currently active or not; and that groundwater production charge revenue may be used to pay for and incur debt for the following:

Water supplies

  • Operate and maintain local reservoirs to capture water and fill recharge ponds to replenish the groundwater basin
  • Purchase imported water and develop local water supplies to replenish the groundwater basin

Water quality

  • Monitor and protect groundwater from pollutants and saltwater intrusion
  • Ensure proper construction and destruction of wells to help prevent contaminants from infiltrating the groundwater basin


  • Plan, construct and retrofit infrastructure such as dams, pipelines, recharge ponds and pump stations to help sustain the groundwater table
  • Operate and maintain pipelines, recharge ponds and pumping plants to help sustain the groundwater table

Last year, Valley Water completed a scientific study of its groundwater benefit zones. Based on a comprehensive evaluation of geological studies, local groundwater, and the services Valley Water provides, a minor adjustment to the boundary of North County Zone W-2 was adopted. The adjustment ensures that ratepayers are grouped in a way that reflects the most recent and relevant data regarding the services and benefits received by well users. More information can be found online at:


How will rates change?

The water district is proposing up to a 9.6 percent rate increase for groundwater, an average household increase of $4.55 per month.

Agricultural water rates shown in the 2021-22 PAWS report reflects the direction provided by Valley Water's Board of Directors to increase the Agricultural water rate to 25 percent of the lowest South County Zone W-8 Municipal and Industrial. 

  Current charges 2020/2021 Proposed maximum charges 2021/2022*
Non-agricultural  $1,374/acre-foot $1,506/acre-foot
Agricultural water  $28.86/acre-foot $85.38/acre-foot

*Effective July 1, 2021

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