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Water Saving Videos


The video links on this page provide practical tips and information about conserving water both outside and inside your home. Find more conservation and workshop videos on our YouTube Channel

We also have an extensive library of resources, guides, and information - including how to apply for rebates - on our Outdoor Conservation and Indoor Conservation pages. 

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Lawn Conversion & Native Plant Gardening

Two simple ways to conserve water outside are: Converting your lawn to a low water use landscape and using native plants. Along with the video links below, find guides and resources to help you get started, and see if you could benefit from our Landscape Rebate Program.

Lawn water saving tips

Rebate information for outdoor projects

Garden and tree tips

Drip Irrigation, Irrigation Scheduling & Maintenance

Efficient irrigation is possible with planning and action. These videos include how to install, use and maintain an irrigation system. Find additional information on the Sprinklers & Irrigation page, including details about available rebates for your property.

Outdoor Alternative Water Sources

Plants don't need drinking water to thrive! These videos highlight how to water your landscape with collected rainwater or graywater from your laundry system. Learn more about alternative water sources.

Indoor Water Conservation