Alert 1/19/22 | 3:03 PM: The drought emergency continues in 2022 and residents are encouraged to keep conserving water. Learn more
FYI 1/19/22 | 2:50 PM: Mobile COVID-19 testing bus at Valley Water Mondays and Wednesdays through February (except 2/21) Learn more
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Water Saving Videos


Is Your Business Drought-Ready?


Conservation is a California Way of Life

Virtual Workshops

Presented by the San José Public Library and Valley Water
Learn how to conserve water inside and around the home
Learn the steps to remove your lawn and install low-water use landscaping with help from the Landscape Rebate Program.
Learn how to bring graywater and rainwater elements into your landscape through Valley Water rebate programs and resources
Learn the tools necessary to become a leak detective. Search for common household leaks such as a toilets, service lines, and ir

Maintaining Native Gardens & Leak Detection Workshop

Water Wise Home Survey


Inspecciones de Conservación de Agua Hechas por Usted Mismo


Khảo sát Tự Thực Hiện Về Sử Dụng Nước Trong Nhà Một Cách Thông minh








2019 Landscape Summit