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Next Gen Career Pathways Program


Valley Water's Next Gen Career Pathways Program is a multifaceted initiative designed to cultivate regional economies, enhance educational pathways, and provide equitable access to education and employment opportunities across Santa Clara County. 

This initiative recognizes the intertwined relationship between economic development and education, emphasizing their synergy to drive lasting positive change. The Valley Water Next Gen Career Pathways Program is a comprehensive, interconnected system of programs designed to support students' career development by providing equitable access for students from underrepresented communities, bridging the opportunity gap and promoting diversity in the water sector.



Obtain "Home-Grown" Talent and Diversity:

  • Forge partnerships with local educational institutions to identify and nurture local talent from under-represented communities.
  • Prioritize diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process to reflect the rich tapestry of the community we serve.

Expand Career Awareness Programs:

  • Develop and promote career awareness programs to showcase the exciting opportunities within Valley Water and the water industry.
  • Engage with schools, colleges, and community organizations to reach potential candidates and educate them about career pathways in water management.