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Water Educator Training (WET) Week


In 2023, The Water Educator Training Week featured presentations from REDI, Career Pathways, Youth Commissioners, Summer Interns, and Water Conservation, all of which were highly successful in sharing valuable insights about water education, diversity, career opportunities, and conservation. As the week concluded with a tour of the advanced water purification center, providing a hands-on understanding of water treatment processes. The event has been an inspiring and informative experience, equipping participants to become effective water educators and advocates.


  • Host an annual program for local high school and K-8 teachers, in collaboration with Valley Water, BAYWORK, The TECH STEM Pathways, and Ignited.
  • Empower educators with the knowledge and tools to inspire students about the wonders of water.


Partnerships are essential as they foster collaboration, combining diverse expertise and resources to tackle complex challenges that no single entity could address alone. For the Next Gen Career Pathways program, strategic partnerships enhance innovation, expand outreach, and create synergies that lead to mutual growth. 

The program establishes strategic partnerships between educational institutions (K-12, community colleges, and universities) and employers within Santa Clara County. These collaborations ensure that students have clear, relevant, and effective pathways to careers in the water industry.

Educators from Morgan Hill Unified School District learn about Watersheds
Educators tour the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification center and pledge to save water