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Water Quality


As the primary wholesale water supplier in Santa Clara County, the Santa Clara Valley Water District is dedicated to assuring a reliable supply of healthy, clean drinking water.

In the section "How We Clean Your Water," you can learn about the treatment process and find information regarding major upgrades at our three water treatment plants.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory tests water produced from each of our water treatment plants, our reservoirs and our groundwater basin. Our treated water consistently meets or exceeds all applicable water quality regulatory standards.

In the section "Protecting Your Water," you can review water quality reports and learn more about contaminants our laboratory is looking out for. The section also details the district's efforts to protect our water supply from threats such as perchlorate, how we monitor the groundwater and partner with community agencies to protect our creeks and rivers from pollution.

Treated water is only half the story. Our groundwater basins are a precious resource and the district is committed to aggressively protecting them from contamination and the threat of contamination.