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How We Operate
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Real Estate Services Unit (RESU)


Our mission is to provide professional real estate services in the areas of acquisition, relocation, appraisal, and property management in support of Valley Water capital projects, operations and maintenance, and current landholdings.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Valley Water Real Estate Services Unit at (408) 630-2775 or [email protected]

The Real Estate Services Unit is located at 5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118.


The Real Estate Services Unit works with Valley Water capital project teams to acquire real property rights for the construction of capital projects, including permits to enter, temporary construction easements, permanent easements, and full-fee acquisitions. Additional information about the process can be found in the When Valley Water Buys Your Property Booklet.


When Valley Water acquires real property for a capital project, there may be potential impacts on tenants, owners, or businesses that require relocation assistance.  The Real Estate Services Unit works under the guidance of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act and California Relocation law to implement relocation assistance for potentially impacted parties.  Additional information about relocation assistance can be found in the Relocation Assistance Program Booklet


Real property appraisals are obtained for Valley Water capital projects through licensed appraisers.  This is an internal service for Valley Water.

Deeds or Right-of-Way Information for Valley Water Lands

The Real Estate Services Unit can, where available, provide copies of deeds or other right-of-way information for Valley Water-owned lands.  Please contact us at (408) 630-2775 or [email protected] for further assistance.

Property Management

The Real Estate Services Unit manages licenses and leases for both residential and non-residential properties within Valley Water’s real estate portfolio.

View residential properties available for rent.

View non-residential properties available for rent.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or (408)630-2775 for further assistance.

Encroachment Permits

Requests for encroachment permits are managed by the Community Projects Review Unit (CPRU).  Please contact CPRU at (408) 639-2650 or [email protected] for further assistance. An application to start the process can be found here:

Land Rights Transactions Requests from Private Entities

Requests for land rights transactions related to encroachment permits (i.e. licenses or easements for utilities on Valley Water right of way, etc.) are also managed by the Community Projects Review Unit.  Please contact CPRU at (408) 639-2650 or [email protected] for further assistance. An application to start the process can be found here:

For unsolicited requests to sell real property to Valley Water, purchase Valley Water real property, or for information on Valley Water surplus properties, please contact the Lands Management Program at (408)-630-2898 or [email protected].


Proposals to dedicate land to Valley Water are managed by the Lands Management Program. Please contact (408) 630-2898 or [email protected] for further assistance.

How do I know what land Valley Water owns?

Please check our interactive web map to get a better understanding of Valley Water's land ownership.  Valley Water-owned property is shown in green, while Valley Water easements are shown in yellow. 

If you have any questions about your property line or would like a parcel map, the County’s Assessor’s Office can provide guidance: – Enter your address in “Property Record Search” then click “Print Assessor’s Parcel Map”