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Providing safe, clean water for a healthy life, environment and economy
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How We Operate
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Board of Directors


The Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Directors is comprised of seven members, each elected from equally-divided districts drawn through a formal process. The purpose of the Board, on behalf of Santa Clara County, is to provide Silicon Valley safe, clean water for a healthy life, environment and economy.

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The directors serve overlapping four-year terms, a structure created pursuant to the adoption of the District Act

Find your Director by entering your address into the Valley Water Local Information map

View the Valley Water Fiscal Year 2024 Board Work Plan.

View the current Valley Water Board Policy and Planning Calendar.

View FPPC Form 806 - This form is used to report additional compensation that officials receive when appointing themselves to positions on committees, boards, or commissions of another public agency or to a committee or position of the agency of which the public official is a member.

NOTE:  The maximum potential compensation shown on Form 806 is not a guarantee of that compensation as Directors are compensated for up to 15 days per month for attendance at Board meetings, or for each day’s service rendered as a member of the Board, as described in Board Governance Policy GP-10.6.1.


The Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Board of Directors can be contacted in the following ways: