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Leasing or purchasing of district properties


The water district acquires properties that are required for future district projects or programs. Prior to the commencement of these projects, the district will seek to keep some of these properties occupied by leasing them to others at fair market rates. Also, from time to time, a property may be sold at a public auction.

When a leased property is required for district purposes, reasonable termination notice is provided to the lessees or tenants (as required by law) to ensure that the property is available for district use.

  • Information on currently available NON-RESIDENTIAL properties is available below.
    (If there are no listings below, that means there are not any properties currently available ).

  • For inquires regarding RESIDENTIAL properties for rent, call Cal Western Property Management at (408) 554-1818 and request listings for Santa Clara Valley Water District.

  • Note: District Real Property shall not be leased to district employees, board members, or their immediate family members (parent, grandparent, spouse, child, sibling, or any other person sharing a comparable relationship resulting from marriage or a registered domestic partnership relationship).
  • If there is a public auction of district property, it will be linked in the menu at left

For more information, or if you have questions regarding the district's property leasing program, please contact [email protected]

Surplus Properties:

For information or inquiries regarding Valley Water surplus properties, contact [email protected].

Please note that Valley Water’s Board of Directors are solely authorized to designate Valley Water property as surplus, and thus available for disposition in accordance with applicable policies and regulations