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Water Works Program



Embarking on a groundbreaking initiative, Valley Water’s Next Gen Career Pathways Program proudly unveils its innovative Water Works Program—a pioneering water industry education and career development initiative designed to empower students and cultivate a skilled workforce for the future. Open to enthusiastic learners from all backgrounds, this program is set to revolutionize how individuals engage with the water industry.


  • Partner with local community-based agencies to select college students from designated majors to participate in the program with an emphasis on students who live or attend college in Santa Clara County and are low-income or first-generation college students. 
  • Participants can gain valuable skills and experience in the water sector.

Program Outcomes:

  1. The Water Works Academy: Introduces students to the world of water by offering a comprehensive curriculum that explores Valley Water, local water issues and the intricacies of current and upcoming water projects within their communities. Career preparation, leadership, and networking skills will also be utilized to develop participants' career readiness. This immersive experience aims to foster a profound understanding of the significance of water management and conservation.
  2. Guaranteed Summer Internship: As a testament to our commitment to hands-on learning, the Water Works Program guarantees participants a coveted summer internship within the water industry. Interns will gain 1:1 mentoring, professional career development training, and contribute meaningfully to ongoing projects. Additionally, they will receive a competitive pay rate of $26.31 per hour, ensuring that their dedication is rewarded both academically and financially.

Water Industry & Career Development Session Topics:

  1. Valley Water and Next Gen Career Pathways Program Overview, Participant Expectations, and Goal Setting
    Career Development Topic: Goal Setting
  2. Water Utility Enterprise - Providing a clean, reliable water supply for current and future generations of Santa Clara County
    Career Development Topic: Elevator Pitch Preparation
  3. Guardians of the Flow: Navigating Flood Protections and Water Resource Planning
    Career Development Topic: Resume Review
  4. Environmental Stewardship
    Career Development: Creating Your Brand
  5. Water Conservation and External Affairs
    Career Development Topic: Capstone Presentations
  6. Water Works Graduation