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Five-Year Capital Improvement Program


The Santa Clara Valley Water District's Fiscal Year 2024-28 Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) was authorized for release to all cities in Santa Clara County and the County of Santa Clara by the Board of Directors on February 28, 2023. The CIP is a projection of Valley Water’s capital funding requirements for planned capital projects from Fiscal Year 2023/24 through Fiscal Year 2027/28. The purpose of the CIP is to document planned Valley Water projects and help integrate Valley Water work with the larger community by aligning Valley Water planning with other local agency planning efforts.

The plan includes 62 projects totaling $9.48 billion. Approximately 14 percent of this amount, $1.3 billion, is anticipated to be funded by outside sources through reimbursements and cost-sharing partnerships. The program includes water supply, flood protection, water resources stewardship, buildings and grounds and information technology projects.

Projects in the CIP will improve, repair, replace, or construct infrastructure. There are 29 Water Supply projects ($7.3 billion), 16 projects to increase flood protection ($1.9 billion), 9 environmental restoration, enhancement and mitigation projects ($160 million), 3 projects to repair or maintain District buildings and grounds ($70 million), and 5 projects to upgrade or expand existing information technology ($50 million).