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How We Operate
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Board Audit Committee - Audit Reports


Board-directed Audits:

2023 CIP Performance Audit

2021 Permitting Best Practices Audit

2020 Safe, Clean Water Program Grant Management Audit

2020 Real Estate Audit

2020 District Counsel Office Audit

2019 Contract Change Order Audit

2017 Safe, Clean Water Program Performance Audit

2014 Transparency Compliance Audit and Benchmarking Review

Management-directed Audits:

2023 Information Technology Surplus Equipment Audit

2022 Human Resources Audit

2018 Performance Audit of Lower Silver Creek Flood Protection Project Consultant Agreement

2015 Consultant Contracts Management Process Audit

2014 Treated Water Revenue Collection Process Review

2013 Management Controls for District Purchasing Cards

2013 Use of District Passenger Vehicles Audit Report and Management Response Memo

2011 Management Audit of District-Owned Residential Properties

2011 Management Audit of the District's Almaden Campus Solar Project

2011 Management Audit of the District's Controls - Laptop Computers

2010 Report on Telecommute Program and Administration of Alternate Work Week/Flex Time Schedules


Third-Party Audits

2022 Upper Guadalupe-Upper Llagas Creeks Subventions


Program Required Audits:

2023 Close-out Audit of the 2012 Safe, Clean Water Program

2017 Safe, Clean Water Program Performance Audit

2012 Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection Program Audit

 (* Report Only)

For additional information, contact Nicole Merritt in the Office of the Clerk of the Board at: (408) 630-3262.