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Coyote Pump Plant

Pump building at 18300 Peet Road, Morgan Hill, CA
Inside the pump building


Coyote Pumping Plant

The Coyote Pumping Plant is part of the Central Valley Project (CVP) that supplies water to the Santa Clara Valley Water District. The plant receives water from the San Luis Reservoir and has six pumps located in the Pump Building that deliver raw water to treatment plants and groundwater recharge ponds throughout Santa Clara County.



Rendering of the planned warehouse

Coyote Warehouse Project

The Coyote Warehouse Project will build a warehouse facility on an 8.2-acre parcel owned by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, located adjacent to the Coyote Pump Plant. The project will be used to store pump and pipeline parts and other materials for the maintenance of water district and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s facilities.

These parts and materials are currently stored outdoors or in temporary storage containers. The completed project will not result in an increase in staff or activities at the site. Construction began September 2019 and is expected to take approximately 14 months to complete.

What to expect

Construction hours will be primarily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday although some work may start at 7 a.m. Saturday work is not anticipated on this project, but may be needed periodically. No work will be performed on Sundays. 

Valley Water will implement temporary vehicular and pedestrian traffic control as needed to facilitate the safe construction of the project, but these impacts will be  minimal as much of the construction will be confined to the Valley Water owned parcel and Coyote Pumping Plant site. You may see trucks and heavy equipment as they use Cochrane and Peet roads to access the work site. We don’t anticipate public access impact to residential and commercial properties during construction, but you may experience some intermittent traffic delays, noise, and other minor impacts.

September 2019


  • Construction began September 2019.
  • On Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018, Valley Water hosted an open house at the Coyote Pump Plant, welcoming 20 members of the public to tour our facility and learn more about the warehouse project. 

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