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Valley Water Board of Directors calls for a 25% voluntary reduction in water use

May 04, 2021
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Valley Water’s Board of Directors voted Tuesday, April 27, to ask Santa Clara County residents and businesses to conserve more water in light of worsening drought conditions.

The Board of Directors increased its call for a voluntary reduction in water use from 20% to 25%, compared to 2013. Since the 20% voluntary call was put into place in 2017, residents and businesses have reduced water use by an average of 20%.

“With the current drought conditions, Santa Clara County’s water supply outlook for the remainder of the year requires Valley Water to take action,” Valley Water Board Chair Tony Estremera said. “Having enough clean water is crucial for our economy and our environment, so it is critical that all our residents do their part to make conservation a way of life.”

Board members also unanimously approved using Safe, Clean Water funding to increase the Landscape Rebate Program from $1 per square foot to $2 per square foot, starting on July 1. The maximum rebate for single-family homes will also increase from $2,000 to $3,000. In Santa Clara County, about half the water used in a typical home is for outdoor use. Converting lawns to drought-resistant landscapes will help residents save water and money.

Valley Water is also working on expanding a partnership with Our City Forest, a local nonprofit organization. If approved, additional funding would help residents convert their lawns into drought-tolerant landscapes as part of the Lawn Buster Program. This program is designed for people who otherwise couldn’t afford to replace their lawn and is available to low-income community members, veterans, people with disabilities, and residents age 60 and over.

Vice Chair Gary Kremen is leading the effort to spread the word on Valley Water’s conservation programs and the impact they can have on our water supply.

“Valley Water has many programs and rebates to help residents and businesses save water and money,” Kremen said. “Making sure you are drought ready now will make a big difference for our region if we see another dry winter.”

You can schedule a Speakers Bureau event with Vice Chair Kremen or a board member for your group or organization by emailing us at [email protected].

Valley Water manages an integrated water resources system that includes the supply of clean, safe water, flood protection and stewardship of streams on behalf of Santa Clara County's 2 million residents. The district effectively manages 10 dams and surface water reservoirs, three water treatment plants, an advanced recycled water purification center, a state-of-the-art water quality laboratory, nearly 285 acres of groundwater recharge ponds and more than 294 miles of streams. We provide wholesale water and groundwater management services to local municipalities and private water retailers who deliver drinking water directly to homes and businesses in Santa Clara County.